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DIY pest control for winter months

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As winter is just around the corner and temperatures get and stay colder, it often brings several unwelcome critters that can find their way into your home in search of warmth. This winter, you can however prevent them from making their way into your home with some easy do-it-yourself pest control techniques that can help rid your home of pests during the cold winter months. Tricord Homes, a premier homebuilder for Fredericksburg new homes, shares simple things you can do yourself to help prevent pests this winter season.

The first thing you can do is start with your kitchen. Be sure to look in your kitchen cabinets and put your dry ingredients, such as pasta, cereal, cookies, etc. in air tight containers made of nothing less than plastic containers since critters of all kinds can crawl through paper bags or boxes. It’s not a bad idea to keep your dry ingredients in air tight containers year round, as it helps prevent posts from getting into the foods at any point in time.

The next thing you will want to do is look at your trashcan. If it has room to breathe, that also means critters can catch a whiff of the scent and be lured in to check out what they are smelling. To avoid this, purchase a trashcan with a locking lid. It is also a great idea to invest in thicker trash bags that will help keep critters out as well.

Another item in your kitchen you will want to address that you are probably doing right now, is removing any fruit that may be sitting out on your kitchen counter in a bowl. Although it looks nice, as fruit ripens it gives off a strong aroma that attracts seed-spreading critters. This is a great thing when the fruit is growing outdoors, but not so much when it’s in your home and something you plan to eat. It’s best to keep your fruit in your refrigerator, which will also slow down the ripening process and allow you to enjoy the fruit longer.

The last stop for your kitchen will be to make it a habit to keep your stove, counters, cutting board and any other kitchen surface clean to prevent any insects from invading your kitchen. All it takes is a small spill to attract one, and then the rest of their colony will follow.

The next areas of your home you will want to address are bathrooms and areas where water is prevalent. Since water is essential to all forms of life, critters will be attracted to it just as much and multiply. Bugs are attracted to damp environments, which is why bathrooms are target breeding grounds for them.

Be sure to clear clogged drains and address any leaking faucets or shower heads, as standing water will not be your friend when it comes to critters. Also, be sure to regularly clean your toilet bowl and chemically treat the water to keep bugs away. If you take a long shower or bath and create a lot of humidity in your bathroom, run the bathroom fan afterwards to draw out the excess moisture aka breaking ground for bugs.

Make it a habit to habitually check the plumbing in your home for leaks. Under sinks and in cabinets is where roaches are most commonly found because of the dark and moist environment. Keeping these areas dry will keep those pests out of your home.

Lastly, if there is even the smallest opening, pests will invite themselves right into your home. Take the time while the weather is still nice, to examine your homes exterior and do a thorough examination of any cracks, openings, open seams, etc where critters might be able to crawl in.

Fill in any gaps, holes or cracks that you see along the foundation, as well as siding or your roof seam with weatherproof silicon caulking or flexible patching compound; this includes fissures along a window frame and any cavities where wires, cables, and/or pipes enter the home. If a screen is torn or missing from a door, window, exhaust vent, or air flow vent in the attic, replace it or use an aluminum screen patch for a temporary fix. Also, be sure to seal off door perimeters with weather stripping.

Be sure not to forget about your roof, because it is a prime entry point for a range of critters, including rats, bats, possums, and raccoons, to enter the attic, where they will happily enjoy the insects that prematurely invaded the loft ahead of them. When inspecting the roof, check for loose shingles or weather-beaten portions that have become soft with moisture and mold, and replace these sections. Soffit and attic vents should be covered with insect screening and hardware cloth; hardware cloth, if properly installed with a staple gun, deters larger vermin from infiltrating the attic. Caulk any holes you see along the roof, and if you have a chimney, it is a good idea to consider the installation of a chimney cap.



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