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How to make small spaces work for you

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Are you currently on the hunt for a new home in Fredericksburg because your current living quarters are too cramped? Or are stuck with less square footage than you need but no plans to move anytime soon?  If you find yourself in either of these situations, then you may be looking for ways to maximize the space you do have and make the most of it. Tricord Homes shares tips on how to make the most of a small space.

Although you many catch yourself daydreaming about moving into a home with a bigger kitchen, bigger bathrooms, bigger garage spaces and so on, believe it or not there are advantages to having a small space to begin with. For one, it is easier to keep a smaller space clean, takes less time and is less expensive to heat in the winter time.

However, with your small space may come fewer places to house your things, a more cluttered atmosphere and an overall cramped living quarter.

To start, keep in mind that you will want to go vertical when thinking of the décor of your home or additional storage. Be sure to invest in things like some extra shells on your wall, a magnetic spice rack that can go vertically up a kitchen cabinet, or using the backs of closet doors for extra spaces to hang and store items in your home.

The next thing to consider when it comes to furniture, is bigger will be better. In your living room, having four or five small pieces of furniture will look much more cluttered than a few oversized chairs and a coffee table. Not only will this be more comfortable for you to live in, it will help save space overall.

When it comes to your kitchen, think of all the doors in your kitchen as extra spaces to store things. When you add up pantry doors, kitchen cabinet doors, and any other door within the vicinity, you have several extra places to store spices, kitchen utensils, pans and even things you use infrequently that can easily be put out of the way.

For seating in a kitchen or dining rooms space, it is best to go with chairs without arms. All the added inches arms on chairs take up can leave a room feeling more cramped. If you buy chairs without arms, you immediately free up the space and leave it feeling less cramped when you have guests over or your family around the dinner table.

In your closets, if you have the traditional single closet rod you can easily replace this and add two. You can have both a higher and a lower level closet rod added for double the closet space in one quick move. You can easily install this yourself as a quick an inexpensive home update.

Moving on to adding to extra bathroom space, a quick and easy fix you can do this weekend is to add shelving about your toilets. Most always is the space above a toilet vacant and empty, and it can be a great place to store extra toilet paper, toiletries, towels and anything else you may want in the vicinity but out of the way.

Lastly, consider putting any TV in your home on a mount on the wall. Freeing up the space an entertainment system takes up can free up a lot of real estate in any family room or bedroom with a TV.

You can implement any of these tips this weekend and have yourself more space in your home in no time!



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