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DIY pest control for winter months

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As winter is just around the corner and temperatures get and stay colder, it often brings several unwelcome critters that can find their way into your home in search of warmth. This winter, you can however prevent them from making their way into your home with some easy do-it-yourself pest control techniques that can help rid your home of pests during the cold winter months. Tricord Homes, a premier homebuilder for Fredericksburg new homes, shares simple things you can do yourself to help prevent pests this winter season.

The first thing you can do is start with your kitchen. Be sure to look in your kitchen cabinets and put your dry ingredients, such as pasta, cereal, cookies, etc. in air tight containers made of nothing less than plastic containers since critters of all kinds can crawl through paper bags or boxes. It’s not a bad idea to keep your dry ingredients in air tight containers year round, as it helps prevent posts from getting into the foods at any point in time.

The next thing you will want to do is look at your trashcan. If it has room to breathe, that also means critters can catch a whiff of the scent and be lured in to check out what they are smelling. To avoid this, purchase a trashcan with a locking lid. It is also a great idea to invest in thicker trash bags that will help keep critters out as well.

Another item in your kitchen you will want to address that you are probably doing right now, is removing any fruit that may be sitting out on your kitchen counter in a bowl. Although it looks nice, as fruit ripens it gives off a strong aroma that attracts seed-spreading critters. This is a great thing when the fruit is growing outdoors, but not so much when it’s in your home and something you plan to eat. It’s best to keep your fruit in your refrigerator, which will also slow down the ripening process and allow you to enjoy the fruit longer.

The last stop for your kitchen will be to make it a habit to keep your stove, counters, cutting board and any other kitchen surface clean to prevent any insects from invading your kitchen. All it takes is a small spill to attract one, and then the rest of their colony will follow.

The next areas of your home you will want to address are bathrooms and areas where water is prevalent. Since water is essential to all forms of life, critters will be attracted to it just as much and multiply. Bugs are attracted to damp environments, which is why bathrooms are target breeding grounds for them.

Be sure to clear clogged drains and address any leaking faucets or shower heads, as standing water will not be your friend when it comes to critters. Also, be sure to regularly clean your toilet bowl and chemically treat the water to keep bugs away. If you take a long shower or bath and create a lot of humidity in your bathroom, run the bathroom fan afterwards to draw out the excess moisture aka breaking ground for bugs.

Make it a habit to habitually check the plumbing in your home for leaks. Under sinks and in cabinets is where roaches are most commonly found because of the dark and moist environment. Keeping these areas dry will keep those pests out of your home.

Lastly, if there is even the smallest opening, pests will invite themselves right into your home. Take the time while the weather is still nice, to examine your homes exterior and do a thorough examination of any cracks, openings, open seams, etc where critters might be able to crawl in.

Fill in any gaps, holes or cracks that you see along the foundation, as well as siding or your roof seam with weatherproof silicon caulking or flexible patching compound; this includes fissures along a window frame and any cavities where wires, cables, and/or pipes enter the home. If a screen is torn or missing from a door, window, exhaust vent, or air flow vent in the attic, replace it or use an aluminum screen patch for a temporary fix. Also, be sure to seal off door perimeters with weather stripping.

Be sure not to forget about your roof, because it is a prime entry point for a range of critters, including rats, bats, possums, and raccoons, to enter the attic, where they will happily enjoy the insects that prematurely invaded the loft ahead of them. When inspecting the roof, check for loose shingles or weather-beaten portions that have become soft with moisture and mold, and replace these sections. Soffit and attic vents should be covered with insect screening and hardware cloth; hardware cloth, if properly installed with a staple gun, deters larger vermin from infiltrating the attic. Caulk any holes you see along the roof, and if you have a chimney, it is a good idea to consider the installation of a chimney cap.



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Top 3 tips for selling your home

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Are you preparing to put your home on the market sometime this year or planning for spring, but overwhelmed on just where to start? The first and most important thing you can do is put the best face forward on your home when it comes time to sell. Tricord Homes, a premier homebuilder for Fredercksburg new homes, shares the top three tips real estate professionals recommend to sell your home as quick as possible.

The first tip may seem obvious, but it is crucial in order to sell your home and sell it fast. Get rid of the clutter! Purge your home of unnecessary items and try to make your home as much of a blank slate as possible.

When potential buyers come into your home, they look at it through the eyes of what it would be like for them to live there. If you have too much clutter, too many personal belongings or too many things that remind a buyer of you and your family, it makes it difficult for them to picture what it would be like as their own.

You will want to organize closets and clean drawers. Buyers will be looking around the home and want to check out the storage space. Don’t shove everything in the closets of your home and expect buyers to not open them up and look around. If anything, a cluttered or packed closet will leave the buyers thinking there isn’t enough storage space in the home. So, clean drawers and closets to have a neat and tidy appearance, so storage won’t be a red flag against the home.

Lastly, you need to deep clean your home as a part of the de-cluttering process. This may be something you want to leave to the professionals to take care of, otherwise be prepared to invest the time it will take to truly deep clean your home to the point where buyers will see in like-new condition. Nothing turns a potential buyer off more than a dirty home.

The second set of recommendations will involve any DIY projects that you can do on your own. For example, fix leaking faucets or toilets that run, replace the caulking around tubs, showers and sinks, repair any grout as needed, repair any walls that have dents, dings or marks on them, replace damaged window screens and replace any burnt out light bulbs.

The final set of recommendations will address the curb appeal of your home, which will be the first-impression point for buyers. When potential buyers are charmed by the outside of your home, they will look forward to seeing if the inside matches their expectations and have a great first impression.

You will want to start with your bushes, shrubs, and trees. Make sure they are trimmed up nicely and not brushing against your house other plants you may have surrounding them.

Look at your gutters and make sure they are in tip top shape and replace any damaged or falling gutters if you have any.

Depending on your landscaping, apply new mulch or rock for a fresh an updated look. Depending on the season, plant seasonally appropriate flowers or put them in large potted vases that can sit outside the front of the home and give it life.


Just giving your home the moderate amount of effort it needs to be show ready will have it selling quicker than you may have imagined.




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Getting ahead of household germs 101

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Even if the temperatures haven’t dropped too low as of yet, germs still have a way of getting members of your family sick no matter what time of year it is.  If you live in a home with a family of any size, you very well know that if someone in your home gets sick it can easily get passed around and spread like wildfire in your house. Although it may seem inevitable that if one person gets sick more people are doomed to follow, it doesn’t have to be that way. Tricord Homes, a premier homebuilder for Fredericksburg new homes, shares how you can control the germs in your house when someone gets sick to keep them from spreading.

One of the first things you will want to have handy in your house before anyone even gets sick, is a disinfectant spray. You can purchase these at the store or even make your own homemade disinfectant spray with a number of recipes available online if you prefer a more natural route. This will be your go-to item you will want to grab and use several times  day for the places any sick people have visited in your home. Bathroom handles, sink handles, the lever on the toilet, and any other surface or handle the sick one in your house may have touched.

Towels and clothes are another common place that people sometimes overlook as a way of spreading germs around the home. Clean your towels in hot water once a week or more to keep them germ free. Also be sure that anyone infected with an illness has their own hand, face and body towels to use that are not the same as the ones the rest of the family is using. Even better, just stick to paper towel when it comes to hand towls during this period of time.

Toothbrushes and hairbrushes are another common germ spreading ground you will want to watch. Keep anyone in your family who is sick toothbrush far from the toothbrushes of other family members. A week or so after the illness has passed, be sure to throw that toothbrush away and get a new one or better yet, use throw away tooth brushes up to two weeks after the illness has passed. You can also boil the tooth brush to kill germs as another alternative.

Toy bins are something that are a breeding ground for germs outside of the home in public places, but also inside of your home if you have little ones sharing common toys. While you can’t tell your little ones their toys are off limits, try to keep the sharing of toys apart for this period of time and if you can’t keep them apart be sure to disinfect them after use.

You can run toys through the dishwasher as well for another way to disinfect them, just be sure to check that they are dishwasher safe first.

And the age-old saying of washing your hands in warm soapy water still applies and is something your family should be sure to do more frequently when there is a sick one in the house. Be sure to especially have clean hands before touching your nose and eyes, as that is the most common place germs tend to enter your body.




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Fall and Winter Home Organization Tips

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Fall and Winter Preperation

Fall and Winter Preperation

The time has come in the year where it is too cold to continue wearing your flip flops and pumpkin spice and holiday decorations have seemed to take over everything from the grocery store to the coffee shops. As the leaves have turned their beautiful autumn colors and the become barer, it is a great time of year to focus on home organization before the holidays roll around at the end of this month. Tricord Homes, a premier builder for Fredericksburg new homes, shares five organization tips that you can implement into your own home this fall and winter season.

One of the number one things most people probably need or wish for in their home, is more closet space. When the time comes to pull out all your cozy sweaters, boots, coats and all the other voluminous clothing that the colder months typically bring, it can leave your closet bursting at the seams.

This time of year is a great time to re-consider how your closet space works. Maybe consider adding built-ins into your closet for more storage space, or extra shelving for more space to store your day to day items. You can also create alternate storage using bins and even moving them to other closets or attics in your home, for non-seasonal items you won’t need for several months.

You can also add some décor flair to your closet as well. Go for color in your closet by adding some beautiful costal gray paint that can give life to a boring white closet. If you have the room, add some pictures or cute jewelry holder accessories that are both fashionable and functional.

For seasonal items in your home, consider using your hall closets or extra spaces for additional storage. Many people miss out on extra storage space in their home, but just not being creative or visualizing places where they can get more storage. There are several pre-built closet built-ins or ideas you can find online, where you can build in additional storage in a decorative for functional way. Consider addition a hall built in bench by a back door. Not only can you set backpacks, purses and other things on top of the bench, but you can build it so the top lifts up for storage underneath. Where it’s shoes, sports equipotent, etc. you will have more functional space and storage that you did before. Add some coat hooks above the bench and you’ve created a create cubby space that can house a multitude of things.

Before the bitter cold of winter sets in, consider hosting a garage sale for any items you need to part with that are cluttering up your home or taking up too much storage space. You can also donate any items you no longer need to a local cause and help out while organizing your home.

Lastly, consider a place for all your outdoor tools that will need storing this winter. Gardening tools, rakes, leaf blowers and so on are all things that tend to clutter up the garages for most people. Re-think and reorganize your garage space and utilize the space up top by adding shelving or hooks toward the top part of your garage, so you can store the items out of the way but still get to them when you need them.

These simple fall organization tips can make a big difference for your home and have you more organized going into the holiday so you won’t have to address a cluttered space then.



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How fast will your home sell?

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Whether you have been in the market to buy a new home in Fredericksburg or you are planning to sell your current home, location has always been the number one thing that most real estate agents press hard on for what makes a home sell fast. However, there are other common factors that can tell you how fast your home might sell if you are in the process of putting it on the market this year. Tricord Homes, shares tips on how to determine how fast your home will sell and if it is up to par to sell fast in today’s market.

While the housing market has been on the upswing over the past couple of years, it doesn’t mean that sellers can list their homes for way over market value and expect it to sell without any time or effort into it. Pricing your home just 12 percent over what it is valued at or what other homes in your neighborhood of similar specs are selling for, makes your home about half as likely to sell in the same 60-day period as a home that is priced at the target listing for the area and what it is worth. So, your house may sit on the market (which doesn’t look good to buyers) if you get too aggressive in your listing price over the comps in your area.

When it comes to listing your home online for buyers to see be sure and list enough photos but not too many. The best range of photos to showcase of your home is anywhere from 16 to 21 photos. It is better to error on the side of too many than too little. If you have fewer photos than what is recommended, your home is projected to sit on the market for more than 60 days as well. If you want to gain interest in your home, consider having professional photos taken of your home or have an interior designer come out and stage your home before you take photos. The better your home shows in photos, the more buyers you will have at your door wanting to look inside.

If you have a smaller home, the market might be in your favor to sell fast. Homes under 1,100 square feet nationally, sell the fastest in all markets. Homes in this size typically sell nine percent faster than homes of a larger size over the same 60-day window. There are two markets across the U.S. where this doesn’t hold true- which are San Francisco and Indianapolis. Smaller homes in these markets sit longer than their larger counterparts.

The final thing you will want and need to do for your home in order to help it sell quickly, is to get the word out on your home as much as possible. The likelihood of you selling it will be far faster than just relying on your realtor to do all the work. List your home on places like Zillow or Trulia if it isn’t already, and share on social media as well. You never know who might be in the market for a new home and would have never stumbled across your home without you doing some of your own advertising! You can ask friends and family to share as well, to expand your audience. Buyers often feel comfortable knowing who is selling the home if they are in the market, opposed to buying from a stranger if the opportunity presents itself.




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How to make small spaces work for you

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Are you currently on the hunt for a new home in Fredericksburg because your current living quarters are too cramped? Or are stuck with less square footage than you need but no plans to move anytime soon?  If you find yourself in either of these situations, then you may be looking for ways to maximize the space you do have and make the most of it. Tricord Homes shares tips on how to make the most of a small space.

Although you many catch yourself daydreaming about moving into a home with a bigger kitchen, bigger bathrooms, bigger garage spaces and so on, believe it or not there are advantages to having a small space to begin with. For one, it is easier to keep a smaller space clean, takes less time and is less expensive to heat in the winter time.

However, with your small space may come fewer places to house your things, a more cluttered atmosphere and an overall cramped living quarter.

To start, keep in mind that you will want to go vertical when thinking of the décor of your home or additional storage. Be sure to invest in things like some extra shells on your wall, a magnetic spice rack that can go vertically up a kitchen cabinet, or using the backs of closet doors for extra spaces to hang and store items in your home.

The next thing to consider when it comes to furniture, is bigger will be better. In your living room, having four or five small pieces of furniture will look much more cluttered than a few oversized chairs and a coffee table. Not only will this be more comfortable for you to live in, it will help save space overall.

When it comes to your kitchen, think of all the doors in your kitchen as extra spaces to store things. When you add up pantry doors, kitchen cabinet doors, and any other door within the vicinity, you have several extra places to store spices, kitchen utensils, pans and even things you use infrequently that can easily be put out of the way.

For seating in a kitchen or dining rooms space, it is best to go with chairs without arms. All the added inches arms on chairs take up can leave a room feeling more cramped. If you buy chairs without arms, you immediately free up the space and leave it feeling less cramped when you have guests over or your family around the dinner table.

In your closets, if you have the traditional single closet rod you can easily replace this and add two. You can have both a higher and a lower level closet rod added for double the closet space in one quick move. You can easily install this yourself as a quick an inexpensive home update.

Moving on to adding to extra bathroom space, a quick and easy fix you can do this weekend is to add shelving about your toilets. Most always is the space above a toilet vacant and empty, and it can be a great place to store extra toilet paper, toiletries, towels and anything else you may want in the vicinity but out of the way.

Lastly, consider putting any TV in your home on a mount on the wall. Freeing up the space an entertainment system takes up can free up a lot of real estate in any family room or bedroom with a TV.

You can implement any of these tips this weekend and have yourself more space in your home in no time!



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How to give your home more curb appeal on a budget

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If you are planning to put your home on the market soon or just want to liven up your homes curb appeal, you may think you need to break the bank when it comes to updating your homes exterior. However, there are ways to get the most curb appeal for the least amount of money. Tricord Homes, a premier homebuilder for Fredericksburg new homes, shares some ways to dramatically increase the look of your homes exterior on a budget.

The first (and hopefully) most obvious way to increase the aesthetic of your homes exterior is to simply spend a weekend cleaning it up. From Trimming your bushes, mowing your lawn, planting some new flowers and washing your driveway, windows and fence, a little elbow grease can go a long way in taking your home up a notch on the appealing scale.

It is a good idea to rent a power-washer to do the heavy-duty cleaning if needed or if it’s been a while since your windows, driveway and fence have had a good cleaning. It typically only costs about $50-$75 per day to rent a power washer and the result is worth the time and money. The one thing you won’t want to power-wash however is the roof. That can damage the shingles and end up costing you money, which you are trying to avoid.

Be sure to clean not only the outside of your windows, but the inside as well. A better cleaning solution that glass cleaner is a mix of detergent diluted in warm water.

Next, an addition to the exterior of your home that can accentuate the size of your windows will be to add shutters. It will make them look larger and add visual interest to the front of your home. It can also add more curb appeal, especially if your homes exterior is bland or boring in color or style.

Painting accent areas is another feature you could add to your homes exterior to enhance appeal. You don’t have to paint the entire exterior of your home to enhance it. Try painting your trim, door or shutters (or all three) to add a nice highlight of elegance to update your home. A fresh coat of paint on any of these areas can go along way for a small amount of money.

If you have a boring front door or just one you are not in love with, instead of just painting it to try and make it look better consider adding molding to it to offer a more decorative touch. You can also add metal house numbers to your doorway which can cost as little as $5 per number. Top if off with a wreath or seasonal decorations and you will have your front door standing out in no time!

Lastly, updating your light fixtures is an inexpensive and immediate way to not only add to the curb appeal of your home, but also make your home look richer. Outdoor sconces can be found for as little as $20 at your local home improvement stores. If you don’t mind the outdoor lighting you have but it looks outdated or faded, consider spray painting them a different color to bring them back to life.


These simple exterior updates will keep your wallet happy and dramatically improve the exterior appeal of your home at the same time. It is a win-win scenario that is well worth the time and effort!




Tricord Homes builds new home communities in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area. Contact them here to learn more about what they can offer you in a new home.


Must haves for your bedroom decor

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If you are currently in the market for a Fredericksburg new home or are planning your fall cleaning to-do list and want to declutter your home, Tricord Homes is making the process that much easier with a quick rundown on the seven essential things you should have in your bedroom, to make the de-cluttering process easier.

Your master bedroom should be the sanctuary of your home where you can rest and relax at the end of each day. After all, you spend about 200,000 hours of your life in your bedroom so it might as well be as enjoyable as possible!

The top seven things you should have in your bedroom start with artwork on the walls or anything decorative that puts you in a good move or gives off a calming or soothing effect. Family photos may be one of the first things you think to hang on your bedroom wall, but that is a no-no when it comes to the art of feng shui.

The next thing you will want to be sure and get for your room is quality bedding. This is something you won’t want to skimp on or go the cheap route, since it is where you will be sleeping every night to recharge for the next day. A good night’s sleep is really important and purchasing luxurious linens with a high thread count are worth the investment.

Family photos are often too emotionally charged according to most design experts and can disrupt the peacefulness you will want in your bedroom. You can save the family photos for other rooms of the house and keep your bedroom more tranquil and full of more art pieces on the wall.

Then, you will want to invest in a comfortable rug for your room. Having a cushy rug that you can sink your toes into each morning makes even the earliest of wake-up calls that much easier to deal with when you have comfort at your feet as soon as you hop out of bed. Even if you already have carpet, you can still add a plush rug by your bed to give you the ultimate comfort in your morning.

Wall hooks or shelves will be very valuable in your room and can hold anything from scarves to jackets and books or plants for both function and design purposes.

Extra seating is the fourth thing you will want to have in your bedroom, and this doesn’t include the bed itself! Having a comfortable chair, small sofa or whatever you choose is great for a quiet place to read or even just a spot to sit and put on your shoes each morning. If you are short on space in your bedroom, consider purchasing a storage ottoman that can double as both an extra seat as well as more storage space.

A full-length mirror will be one of the other items you will want to purchase and have in your bedroom. Place it in a location where you can double-check your outfit each day before you head out of the house. Adding a large mirror to a small bedroom also helps give the illusion of a larger room, for an added bonus.


Lastly, to round out the number seven item on your bedroom list will be choosing the right scent for your room. You can incorporate nice scents from candles, to all natural air fresheners, even oil diffusers that can give your room a nice and relaxing aroma. If you’re looking for a scent that improves sleep, try something with a lavender scent that is proven to give off an aroma that improves sleep.



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How to make the most of a small closet

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Let’s face it, no matter the size of your closet, most all of us wish our closet was bigger or we seem to fill up our closets, but the closet itself doesn’t grow with our purchases. Tricord Homes, a premier builder for new townhomes in Fredericksburg, shares tips on how to make the most of your closet space for maximum storage.

When it comes to tackling your closet storage issues, the first step is to do an overall survey of what is in your closet. Most likely, there are things in your closet that you no longer wear, no longer need, or aren’t in good enough condition to justify keeping.

Make a few piles outside of your closet for things you can toss, things you want to donate or sell, and things you can put into storage for next season that you won’t be wearing for several months as summer turns into fall.

Next, look for opportunities in your closet to put added storage. For example, the back of your closet door is a great place to add either a hanging storage until for shoes, socks, underwear, or accessories like jewelry, handbags and scarves.

Once you have figured out the best use for the back of your closet door in terms of storage, take a survey of the rest of your closet and figure out other places that can double for extra storage. For example, do you have shelving above your clothing racks in your closet? If so, that is prime real estate for things like shoe storage, accessory storage, seasonal items not in use, etc.

Another great option is to add furniture to your closet, to contribute for extra storage.  If you can fit a dresser in your closet or some stackable storage bins, you can add plenty of extra storage space for a range of items.

If your closet is tall enough, consider adding a second level for clothes. Consider purchasing an adjustable hanging closet rod that you can add to your closet to have an upper and lower level of storage for clothes. This simple step could instantly double the amount of clothes you can store in your closet, without changing the space at all.

Lastly, be sure to remove anything from your closet that could be stored elsewhere. For example. Do you keep extra blankets, towels, or other items in your closet that could be stored elsewhere? Consider moving those items to free up some space.


These simple storage hacks can help your small closet seem much bigger and be much more functional for all seasons ahead.



Tricord Homes builds new home communities in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area. Contact them here to learn more about what they can offer you in a new home.



Old school cleaning remedies that work

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While modern day cleaning amenities are very much enjoyed in the everyday household (we’re looking at you dishwasher), the cleaning tips your grandma may have used around her home still hold true to this day. However, what if she never shared them with you? Tricord Homes, a premier homebuilder for Fredericksburg new homes, shares old-school cleaning hacks that work as well, if not better, than modern day cleaning supplies.

The first old-school cleaning tip will start in your bathroom. If you have a bathtub, chances are you might have a bathtub ring around it that is always a pain to clean. However, it doesn’t have to be. Take a box of baking soda from your kitchen cabinet, and sprinkle it around the tub ring. You can then let it set for an hour and when you rinse the baking soda off with water, the ring will be rinsed away with it.

Next, you can move over to your toilets which is easily the least favorite part for most in their house to clean. However, did you know there is a much easier way to disinfect your toilet without having to get on your hands and knees? Simply drop a couple of denture cleaning tablets into the toilet bowl and flush. You won’t can’t remove the stains this way, but it will rid your toilet of the bacteria harboring inside.

The third old-school cleaning hack you can use is to take some of your coffee filters from the kitchen and use them to wash your windows clean and streak-free! Coffee filets are a great alternative because they are lint-free, won’t allow streaks and are an inexpensive tool to clean with.

If you have ever spilled hot wax on your carpet, you know there does not seem like much you can do it clean it up. However, not until now. If you ever spill hot wax onto your carpet, grab a plastic bag and fill it with ice. Lay the bag of ice on top of the area that was hit with the wax, and freeze the wax. Once the wax is frozen on the carpet, you can scrape it off with a dull knife.

If you have and tarnished silver that has lost its luster, head to your fruit bowl and grab a banana. Peel the banana and use the peel to mix in a blender with water to form a paste. Then rub this paste onto your silver with a soft cloth and rinse and dry silverware well.

The final old school trick you can thank your grandma’s generation for, is revitalizing your copper mugs. All you need is a lemon and some salt to bring your copper mugs or utensils back to life. Simply microwave your lemon for ten seconds and then cut it in half. Dip the inside part of the lemon into salt and rub your copper vigorously. This will have your dull copper shining like new!



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